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About 4D-Procurement

Benefits of the 4D-Procurement writing and editing system for Request for Proposal and Contracts:

The system makes it easy to draft high-quality Request for Proposal (RFP) and Contracts. 4D-Procurement reduces the risk of errors.

Incredibly easy to transfer text from the Request for proposal (RFP, including Request for quotation, Call for tenders, Invitation to tender) into a real Contract, without the traditional copy & paste.

Consistency between the RFPs and Contracts makes searches quick and easy.

With 4D-Procurement, modify just one clause, and all associated Requests for Proposals and contracts templates are modified. Often companies use a number of templates in Word –these have to be modified one by one. Not with 4D-Procurement. Modifying all your templates in 4D-Procurement takes just a few seconds (you modify a single clause). You know that Word templates can be all over the office: on the buyer’s PC as well as on other staff members PCs... so updating templates is very difficult and time consuming. With 4D-Procurement, everything is in the in the cloud in the 4D-Procurement system, not on the buyers' PCs. Everyone uses the up-to-date versions of the RFP and Contract clauses and templates using 4D-Procurement.

You can print hard copies of RFPs and Contracts and create PDF files. PDF files can be sent by e-mail with conventional PC utilities. PDF files can be added to any file or information system.

The government frequently amends laws and regulations that affect RFPs and Contracts. At times the government implements regulations that were modified at the last moment. This often changes the content of the standard RFP and contract clauses and templates. Whether you are working with cities, hospitals, schools, universities, colleges, ministries, government-owned companies, or others, 4D-Procurement makes it possible to handle any changes very quickly.

The 4D-Procurement system includes intelligent functions that facilitate text processing: positioning, automated addition of clauses, automated inclusion of the most appropriate clauses under certain conditions, integrated reminders to prevent omissions, etc.

The 4D-Procurement system is based on a database that includes text processing functions. That makes it possible to format texts (bold, underlining, italics, various fonts, tables, images, etc.), which can't even be done with other enterprise databases.